Sunday, February 22, 2009

Progressive Caveman

Finished up the read-only view of models (plus the different ways to view them). Added fully functional cut/copy/paste/delete to the tree view. All that remains are foreign fields and model editor-only displays, and some clean-up of the tree view (indicate that things are cut, disable rename on data nodes, add icons to distinguish categories/data, make right-click visually select an item). Almost there!

On the downside WIP pointed out pretty effectively that I couldn't really tack on an event editor as I had hoped which somewhat damages its utility for the upcoming Delta T and pretty much creates another future project. Oh well.

I am pretty sick of working on tools at this point so I am going to take a break to actually work on a game. It'll certainly make DT harder to work on than if I had finished the suite of iked tools I wanted to do, but ikaDB is enough to live with. I can -probably- hack together a dialogue tree editor with it for the writer it work on it and cheat on way points with the current ikamap by using an invisible layer.

I'm pretty excited! DT's battle system is nowhere near the complexity that Contrivia had that just drained the project, and for the over world stuff I'll be able to reuse tons of code from my other dead ika games. Plus, it'll be a great chance to finally put together an event system before worrying about how to do a graphical editor for one.