Sunday, December 21, 2008

Untriumphant Return

Oh what a surprise, still working on ikadb. Started on it again this week, though prior to that WIP wrote out the majority of the database-side code. To be completely honest doing this kind of application programming bores me stiff and also involves a lot of trial-and-error with wxPython so progress is retardedly slow. So far it sorts out the models into parent and child (with children capable of belonging to more than one parent though there's really no application for that) and then lets you choose a parent model to work with and generates the pop-up menu based on its children. That's it. Other, future differences from past versions of this includes that it'll generate a table-style GUI for working with the data instead of an actual table. I am gradually slipping into "oh fuck it, I'll just make it work and to hell with it working well".

In other news I started a new project to avoid entering the new Verge contest (codename Delta t), only to have a desire to enter the contest anyway with another game. Great.

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