Sunday, September 28, 2008

Maekin' Gaems

My web space expired last week and in the heat of finishing Magical Unicorn Adventure I had no time to bother with a replacement, though I assure you that there sure wasn't much losing since I haven't done much of anything other than make games for the last 3 weeks up until Thursday when we submitted it. It's done and we're taking a three week vacation before resuming work on Contrivia.

As you might note from the new blog title, naming my Gruedorf blog title after only one game was probably a little short sighted. Well, for me anyway. Might make sense for all you losers out there. During the three week vacation I'll fill my Gruedorf duties with...something. I don't know what yet.

In the meantime here's the proof of unicorn completion (can't really post a build given part of the contest is a publishing arrangement)


glambourine said...

That's rad! It might be a good idea to have the unicorn somehow animate when it appears and disappears rather than just popping in--some kind of girly flash of light or something even to smooth the transition.

The music is wonderful

SDHawk said...

Yeah, we actually added a puff of smoke at the last minute but the video is from the build of the day before.