Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maekin' Gaem Maekin' Tools

I was sort of worried about this before I ever joined gruedorf. It's inherently against the way I work: I burst between months of nothing but working and months of nothing but doing nothing. But at this point I don't care all that much about gruedorf in general so, whatever. When Contrivia is released I'll probably take a much longer break to really skyrocket that fail bar.

Nothing exciting this week. I resumed work on GRAPES this week. Mostly rewriting it from scratch since the previous build was mostly me seeing how to do it in wx. Major changes include it being built as an iked (ika's future IDE) plugin, using sqlite instead of a custom format, and a few general architecture changes relating to things I didn't think of last time.  As such, it's being renamed to ikaDB for the time being.

Right now it's very much early with a basic design doc and the beginnings of pseudo code (trying to do it for a personal project for once, it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. So far it seems much easier to deal with wx when you don't worry about it and just write your code the way you want it without considering it heavily).

Considering this is the third time I've started this project I hope I actually finish it this time. I just don't relate to application programming as well as game programming. But the general implications of getting this done are enormous for me and probably other game makers that I just cannot resist trying to get this thing out. 

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